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December 20, 2013 at 10:20am
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Call me cray but I’m contemplating getting a Wii U just for the next Smash Bros. instalment

You’re not crazy. I’m getting it for the new Zelda games.

December 16, 2013 at 1:27am
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Could not have said it better my self!

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My musings….

This was a great episode. I hope Rumples not dead. I really, really do despite all the logic. Poor Belle. She’s not a villain, what about her happy after?

I wonder though why did Balefire have to stay? He wasn’t part of the curse. He left way before the curse was even enacted. Or does the curse affect everyone who was ever born in the Enchanted Forest?

Regina’s sacrifice goes with Rumple’s, that whole thing that villains don’t get a happy ending. I think Hook was the first to say that and this episode continued on with that saying. Does that mean that Hook won’t get a happy ending? Probably….

On a  different note. I am kinda glad that the blue fairy isn’t dead but looking back she really is a hard ass. She took away Tinker Bell’s wings for disobeying her, despite Tinker Bell’s very good intentions, and she was also the reason why Grumpy (Dreamy) and Nova did not have a happy ending. Maybe they will now when they get back to the enchanted forest.

I think we may also find out how Aurora and Mulan rescued Philip in the upcoming episodes. I am also looking forward to seeing where Regina will sit. Will Snow simply take back her crown? Is there a new king and/or queen in enchanted forest. Overall very excited to see what will happen.

Peter Pan was an excellent villain. It was a very gripping storyline. His end is fitting as well. I think that out of all the villains, Pan was the most evil. I think he was born evil and selfish, whilst others seemed to fall in that role via bad decisions and negative circumstances. Looking back on it now, Rumple was marked a coward. And yet he broke his own leg and had to live the humiliation all of his life just to be with his son. To not end up being the father his father was and yet Balefire still grew up without a father. I think the show is trying to show us the unfairness of life, when you are holding onto something so tightly (or wanting something so badly) that you end up loosing it and always chasing after it.

Also, the little mermaids storyline was the weakest in the season. I did not feel it. Also, what is up with the green screen? every scene filmed in front of it was sooo obvious. I know that people are criticizing Once upon a time in wonderland for that but once upon a time does not look any better compared to first season.

This was too long a ramble. Love the show, love the spin-off as well and am hoping its not cancelled. I adore Alice and would love to see Snow and Alice kick ass together. Would also love to see Maleficent, the dragon thing kicks ass. Maybe in the future eps.

EDIT: just saw next  ep preview. did not see that coming. but very excited for it. i love the wizard of oz. forgive my punctuation. i hate my keyboard….

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December 10, 2013 at 9:31pm
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The one thing I don’t quite get or like in Once Upon a Time is this:

How is it that Henry has absolutely no abandonment issues? I get that he wants to meet and be with his real mum Emma, says he loves his adopted mum Regina and yet nothing he does shows that there’s a bond between him and Regina. The woman raised him. The show favors nature over nurture. In real life I’ve witnessed similar scenarios and they don’t end or look like this. The previously abandoned child does not simply forgive and move on back with his biological mother. Not to mention the fact that first ten years of a child’s life are the most influential. Henry should want to spend time and bond with Emma but at the same time he should want to be home with Regina, living the life he’s grown accustomed to for the past 10 or so years.

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In medieval culture, an event like a royal christening is not a private party; it’s the public social event of the year. To not invite any person of rank to such an event is a deadly insult.

Maleficent is certainly someone you wouldn’t want at a party, but she’s also someone powerful enough that only a fool would ever dare treat her with such blatant disrespect. The only way the King and Queen could possibly have gotten away with not inviting Maleficent was to not invite any of the fairies at all; inviting the other fairies and excluding her is explicitly taking sides in the conflict between the fairy factions.

Which means they made themselves her sworn enemies, and she responded by treating them as such from then on. If you actually get into analyzing the social dynamics of the scene, it’s very clear that Maleficent was willing to show mercy at first by giving the King and Queen a chance to apologize for their disrespect to her. She doesn’t curse Aurora until after she gives them that chance and they throw it back in her face with further disrespect.

And yeah, if the King and Queen had done the properly respectful thing and invited her, Maleficent would have given Aurora a scary awesome present. Moreover so would the other fairies, because at that point both sides would be using it as an opportunity to show off and one-up each other. What they gave her before Maleficent showed up was basically just trivial party favors by fairy standards.

How do you know so much about the social dynamics of medieval fairies

I love this post. Makes complete sense. Entire sleeping beauty scenario could have been avoided.

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September 8, 2013 at 1:02am
Last week l quit coffee. This week l lent my 3DS & ACNL to a friend. Today l am dealing with serious withdrawl issues and separation anxiety.
I’m starting to regret both decisions.

Last week l quit coffee. This week l lent my 3DS & ACNL to a friend. Today l am dealing with serious withdrawl issues and separation anxiety.

I’m starting to regret both decisions.

August 11, 2013 at 2:53am

Need Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friends

Hi all who read this,

Two days ago I’ve purchased animal crossing new leaf. However, I don’t have friends that are gamers or that own a Nintendo 3DS. I would very much like to exchange fruits and gifts in the game, as well as, get a chance to enjoy the multilayer mode.

For anyone interested in exchanging Friend codes please PM me, with your code, mine is: 3325-2086-4370, name is pinkcat.

No time wasters please!

A little about me and gaming.

I enjoy playing games casually and when I have time.

My fave consoles are Nintendo and PS3.

My fave games are: any Zelda, Bioshock series, Assassins Creed series, and now of course AC: New Leaf.

My all time fave game is Zelda: Twilight Princess.


June 22, 2013 at 3:45am
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I absolutely love the moving castle. It’d be cool if it was my home. It has four different addresses and yet no-one knows where it is.

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February 9, 2013 at 5:07am
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Howl’s Moving Castle concept art - Howl’s Castle

i would love these on my wall.

January 31, 2013 at 4:58am
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